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SET EliseCare

Jasmine Soap & Dishsoap

Elise Boghossian is an acupuncturist who trained in neuroscience. She studied acupuncture and pain treatment in China and Hanoi. Since 2012, when she founded her NGO, EliseCare, she has left the comfort of her life in Paris each month to treat victims in war zones. Her NGO provides physical and psychological assistance to help victims rebuild their lives amidst the conflict that has continued to grip Iraq. She has transformed 7 buses into specialized mobile dispensaries (which include, for example, an operating room, a birthing chamber, psychological counseling, pediatric and nursing services) that are able to travel to help abandoned populations. In France, the Ministry of the Interior has put in her in charge of helping women who are the victims of abuse and former sex workers and who were forced to leave their native countries. Fragonard is glad to provide its support, hand in hand with its customers. Profits from sales are paid directly to the NGO, a gesture of solidarity to help EliseCare further its important, critical work.
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