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7 Perfume families

The Comité Français du Parfum has classified the vast range of fragrance combinations into seven major families, each divided into subgroups. This classification applies to perfume products for women and men alike. In many cases, word order varies according to manufacturer, e.g. woody spicy or spicy woody, floral oriental or oriental floral.

The Citrus family (also called hesperide) comprises essential oils obtained from the zest of citrus fruits such as orange, bergamot: citrus, floral chypre citrus, spicy citrus, woody citrus, aromatic citrus.

The Floral family is predominantly composed of flower fragrances, e.g. rose, tuberose etc. soliflore (also called single-fragrance floral), lavender, floral bouquet, floral green, floral aldehydic, floral woody, floral fruity woody.

The Fougère (or fern) family, despite its name, does not reproduce the smell of ferns, but features blends of woody and lavender notes. Fougère, soft amber fougère, floral amber fougère, spicy fougère, aromatic fougère.

The Chypre family, named after the perfume Chypre created in 1917 by François Coty, is comprised of oak moss fragrances blended with floral or fruity notes. Chypre, floral chypre, floral aldehydic chypre, fruity chypre, green chypre, aromatic chypre, leather chypre.

The Woody family is more suited to men and contains sandalwood, cedar, patchouli and vetiver. Woody, woody citrus coniferous, woody aromatic, woody spicy, woody spicy leather, woody amber.

The Amber (or oriental) family is warm and powdery and often has vanilla accents. Floral woody amber, floral spicy amber, soft amber, citrus amber, floral semi-amber.

The Leather family is the most masculine and evokes the smells of tobacco, smoke and leather. Leather, floral leather, tobacco leather.