Become a perfumer's apprentice

Become the perfumer's Apprentice and customise an Eau de Cologne in a dedicated workshop... An unforgettable, funny and fascinating sensorial experience focused on the creation of a fragrance where aromatic notes, citrus family and orange blossom blend together.

A perfume expert runs the 1h30 "Perfumer's Apprentice" workshop, which is held in one of our class room depending on the venue.

This workshop's program does highlight:

  • History of the Perfumery, origins of the raw materials
  • The different essences used by a "Nose"
  • The fragrance pyramid: top, back and middle notes
  • Sensory and olfactory memory development
  • The steps to tailor made your Eau de Cologne creation

At the end of the workshop, you will receive your 100 ml customised flask. The activity features a free guided tour called "Prestige" of the premises.

Workshop is open to everyone from the age of 12 *

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Important: only children over 12 years old are accepted and they do remain under the sole responsibility of an adult who is taking part to the perfumer's workshop as well. Every entry in the workshop room is subject to a reservation and a payment in advance.