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Iris flower of the year 2016 at Fragonard

Iris in details

Flower of kings

Its olfactory power and graceful, reffined appearancegive the Iris immense appeal. A ‹ ower symbolising royalty from the time of Clovis, the Water Iris was adopted by Louis VII as his official blazon. The expression “ Fleur de Lys ” in fact comes from the name given to it in the 12th century, “ la Flor de Loys ”: “ ‹ ower of Louis ”. In the 17th century, powdered Iris was used to make numerous perfumed items, particularly when the “ Orris ” root was ground for use in the famous scented gloves made fashionable by Catherine de Medici. Ground Orris continued to be popular through the ages and was found in the fragrant merchandise of many perfumers. By the end of the Age of Enlightenment, it had become one of the chief ingredients in ‹ oral fragrances. Today, perfumes containing Iris or based on its notes, evoking the face powder used by our forebears, have made this‹ ower the ultimate powdery note.

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