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In 2019 Fragonard Loves Magnolia

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The Magnolia tree is greatly admired for its magnificent and abundant blooms. Its opulent and irresistibly fragrant flowers are, without a doubt,
its finest asset. Cultivated in China (provinces of Guangxi and Fujian), the Magnolia variety used for perfumery is the Michelia Alba (Magnoliaceae family). The trees measure 10 to 15 meters and bamboo scaffolding is used by pickers to reach the flowers. The precious nectar used by perfumers comes from the Michelia Alba flowers, which are plucked when they are in bloom, from May to June and August to November. Steam distillation is used to extract Magnolia essential oil. Magnolia essence only became part of the perfumer’s fragrance palette from the 1990’s onwards. It is highly appreciated for its complex, multi-faceted and particularly powerful perfume. Both fruity and floral, with fleeting aromatic green notes, essential oil of
Magnolia is a genuine ode to the gourmet olfactory power of flowers. Magnolia leaves can also be distilled to produce a very green-scented essential
oil; its fragrance is more discreet and less sensual than that of the flowers.

Fragonard’s MAGNOLIA Eau de Toilette evokes the sumptuous Magnolia flower at the height of a sundrenched summer. Mother Nature offers herself up to the light, the sap rises and the natural world sings and enchants our senses. The Magnolia Eau de Toilette imagined by Fragonard is an ode to sunshine, wonderment, the tender caress of the wind and the most fragrant gardens... Discover all Magnolia products clicking here

MAGNOLIA 2020 events

• ‘Perfumer’s Apprentice’ workshop

Push open the door to the world of perfume! Discover the perfumer’s ancient know-how and secrets and create your own Eau de Cologne. Led by a perfumery specialist, the workshop promises an unforgettable sensory experience for individuals and professionals alike. The workshops are held at our factory on the Côte d’Azur and at our perfume museum in Paris, and they conclude with a guided tour conducted in any of the world’s major languages.
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes By reservation clicking here

• Olfactory event

Master perfumer’s – also referred to as “noses” – are capable of identifying literally thousands of smells.
Their imagination and creativity allow them to assemble an infinite variety of perfumes. Discover the three components of “Magnolia” by Fragonard: sunshine, wonderment and tenderness.
You can find our “MAGNOLIA 2020” perfume organ at our factories and museums

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