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In 2018 Fragonard Loves Verbena

Fragonard Events


In 2018, Fragonard is celebrating its signature fragrance: VERVEINE (Verbena) in French. Come discover its magical freshness and its time-honored benefits!
Fresh and transparent, this flowering herb was considered a magical plant in ancient times, used in love potions as well as to ward off bad luck and
cure all ills.

Perfumer Céline Ellena envisioned a magical formula when she created Verveine for Fragonard. It syncretizes three elements: sunlight, water, and earth. Verveine is closely tied to the cycle of nature and the daily life of a perfumer who searches inspiration in her plant garden. Fragonard’s Verveine is the result of this magical fusion that she has enacted and orchestrated.

VERBENA 2018 events

• ‘Perfumer’s Apprentice’ workshop

An olfactory workshop to discover the age-old knowledge and secrets of perfumers in which each novice participant will create his/her own fragrance. An olfactory immersion using nine aromatic essences, citrus, orange flower and verbena, the essential ingredients of eau de Cologne, which is the basis for modern perfumes. Led by an experienced perfumer, these workshops take people on an unforgettable journey of the senses. The workshops are held at our factory on the Côte d’Azur and at our perfume museum in Paris, and they conclude with a guided tour conducted in any of the world’s major languages.
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes By reservation on our website: www.fragonard.com

• Olfactory event

Luminous, natural, and harmonious, Fragonard’s Verveine offers an olfactory generosity that is made up of magical ingredients. The perfumer drew inspiration from the plant’s natural environment to create three worlds of scents to describe it: sun, earth, and water. The sun symbolizes energy and light, with the hint of white grapefruit zest. The water is a delicate bouquet of white petals mixed with the freshness of a summer rain.
The earth diffuses a soft, sensual perfume of warm, light-colored wood and roots. Smell, breathe in, and try to recognize these three olfactory universes.
You can find our “VERVEINE 2018” perfume organ at our factories and museums

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