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Pivoine Fleur de l'année 2017 chez Fragonard

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This generous flower, with its subtle, complex fragrance, is the queen of flowers in China, symbolizing beauty and abundance.

The Perfumer’s inspirations

Inviting the onlooker to revel in a relaxing stroll, Peony bushes laden with their red, pink and white flowers enchant the eyes and the senses.
And although the flower itself is generous and explosive, the scent of Peony is subtle and complex... Soft, delicate and slightly fruity, it hides a tender and open heart.

Seemingly sculpted from delicate crepe paper, the Peony embodies all the joy and freshness of Spring.

The Peony expresses the contradictions of a woman’s soul, the complexity of her feelings and the modesty of her emotions...

As the French say, she may “blush like a Peony”, but always with elegance and a touch of fantasy!

PEONY 2017 events

• ‘Perfumer’s Apprentice’ workshop

Discover the world of perfume, the ancient art and trade secrets of the perfumer and create your own eau de toilette. Co-ordinated by a perfume expert, the workshops offer individuals and professionals alike an unforgettable experience for the senses.
2 ½ hour guided tour of the plant conducted in all the main international languages.

• Olfactory event

The perfumer or the ‘nose’ is able to identify thousands of smells. His imagination and creativity allow him to create an infinite variety of compositions. Follow the ‘nose’ and discover the three main aspects of Peony: pink, red and white peonies.