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Iris flower of the year 2016 at Fragonard

Fragonard Events


Iris - Symbol of nobility

Iris is one of the oldest raw materials, and above all one of the most precious. Nicknamed the “blue gold of Florence”, Iris Pallida grows in the sunny climes of Tuscany.

Iris - Flower of kings

Its olfactory power and graceful, refined appearance give the Iris immense appeal. A ‹ ower symbolising royalty from the time of Clovis, the Water Iris was adopted by Louis VII as his official blazon. In the 17th century, powdered Iris was used to make numerous perfumed items, particularly when the “ Orris ” root was ground for use in the famous scented gloves made fashionable by Catherine de Medici.

Iris - The Blue Gold of perfumers

Iris absolute has numerous facets: violet, mimosa and woody notes delicately perfumed with hints of carrot and fruity raspberry. It takes no less than one metric ton of Iris rhizomes to obtain 200 grams of Iris absolute, which costs around €100,000 per kilo! Inspired by the rich olfactory qualities of the Iris, Fragonard has created a line scented with the ‹ ower of 2016.

IRIS 2016 events

• ‘Perfumer’s Apprentice’ workshop

Discover the world of perfume, the ancient art and trade secrets of the perfumer and create your own eau de toilette. Co-ordinated by a perfume expert, the workshops offer individuals and professionals alike an unforgettable experience for the senses.
2 ½ hour guided tour of the plant conducted in all the main international languages.

• Olfactory event

The perfumer or the ‘nose’ is able to identify thousands of smells. His imagination and creativity allow him to create an infinite variety of compositions. Follow the ‘nose’ and discover the three main aspects of Iris: lemony, fruity and powdery.

Other events

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