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In the language of flowers, the wild rose (Églantine in French) symbolizes poetry. Its porcelain pink flower buds emerge like a beautiful mirage amid brambles and underwoods. It is the ancestor of the rose bush found in our tamed gardens. Also referred to as "dog rose", it has grown naturally in our forests since ancient times. Celebrated by illustrious poets, it has also adorned the buttonholes of laborers.


The flower of poets, the wild rose, with its frail, graceful petals and wild yet vulnerable personality, is the muse of many works. The Floral Games were created in Roman times to honor the goddess Flora. During this
festival, young women improvised poems and received wild flower crowns as prizes.

Hoisted to the status of royal academy by Louis XIV in 1694, the Academy of Floral Games is a literary society still in existence today. Every year it rewards the finest poets with five golden or silver flowers: violet, wild rose , marigold, amaranth and lily. Many great French authors have won floral prizes, including Pierre de Ronsard, Voltaire, the young Victor Hugo, who received one of his first prizes at the age of 17, Chateaubriand and François Fabre d´Églantine.

is the name of its flower.

is the name of the bush.

is the name of its fruit.

“I asked him which way to take He held a lute in one hand, In the other a bunch of wild roses."” 
- Poésies nouvelles (1836-1852) by Alfred de Musset -


"L'Églantine" by Fragonard, a creation signed by Karine Dubreuil:

"The wild rose is a small, fragile and fleeting flower. Its highly delicate petals wither very quickly. During the creation process, I kept the idea of a wild garden in mind, evoking strolls in the forest, stumbling upon this shy flower on your way. Of course, it remains a rose, but I added some transparency to it by combining its classic notes with little semitones to create lightness.

L’Églantine by Fragonard is a rose fragrance with "petal-like" notes, lending it a fresh, natural personality. And although light in themselves, the notes are upheld by white musks, in perfect harmony with the heart notes of wild rose and raspberry. Its "petal" dimension lends the fragrance grace and subtlety."


Push open the door to the world of perfume! Discover the perfumer’s ancient know-how and secrets and create your own Eau de Cologne. Led by a perfumery specialist, the workshop promises an unforgettable sensory experience for individuals and professionals alike.

Length 2 ½ hours. Guided tour in main. international languages included.


Master perfumer’s – also referred to as “noses” – are capable of identifying literally thousands of smells. Their imagination and creativity allow them to assemble an infinite variety of perfumes. Karine Dubreuil, the perfumer-creator behind our Églantine eau de toilette, has broken down her formula into an olfactory pyramid of head, heart and base notes, to create three gorgeous mix-and-match compositions. Learn how to work with these three notes to create your own interpretation of Églantine. A not-to-be-missed olfactory experience!

Discover the ÉGLANTINE 2022 perfume organ at our factories and museums.
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