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A story of family, perfumers and of collectors

« The perfume of the soul is the memory » - George Sand.*
*« Le parfum de l’âme, c’est le souvenir » - George Sand.

Founded in Grasse in 1926, Fragonard is the story of a family, of perfumers and of collectors that has been passed down through four generations. A story in which heritage is our foundation, collections and travel our inspiration, and excellence our compass.


by Anne, Agnès and Françoise Costa

In 1926, our company consisted of a small artisan perfumery, where local flowers and plants were distilled to prepare perfume concentrates, essential oils and other floral absolutes. Over the years, our perfumery has developed under the impetus of its managers, three generations before us, who have helped our company to evolve. In nine decades, Fragonard has gone from being a simple manufacturing workshop to a world of its own, with three factories, six museums and twenty-four boutiques.

« Open to the world, creative and demanding », this is the motto we have inherited and will perpetuate in our turn. While our company has grown, we have made a point of doing so at our own pace, taking care to preserve the values that our father, Jean-François Costa, passed on to us: quality work, respect for our employees and the desire to share.

For over 90 years, generation after generation, we have been sharing our savoir-faire, our profession as perfumers, but also our beautiful region of Provence and our town of Grasse, whose flourishing nature and centuries-old arts and traditions have shaped our identity. The decades have flown by, and what remains are a host of olfactory creations, passions and art collections that unceasingly inspire us for the present and the future. If perfume is the peak of the ephemeral, our craftsmanship has always been synonymous with quality, originality and durability.

We are sharing our story with you, hoping to take you on a journey through our world of refined fragrances woven from the most beautiful flowers. A journey that we hope will last for many more years and decades, thanks to your unfailing loyalty.

Anne, Agnès and Françoise Costa.


As a manufacturer and perfumer, Fragonard has multi-faceted savoir-faire that combines the manufacture,
production and distribution of its fragrance products.

Products are manufactured in the company's three factories on the French Riviera: the historic factory in the centre of Grasse, the Fabrique des Fleurs (or Flower Factory) in Grasse and the factory laboratory in Èze-Village, all of which are open to the public, offering an unrivalled sensory experience. Where the magic of fragrance takes shape, each stage of production reveals a harmony between tradition and innovation. An original journey where you can discover the mysteries of traditional perfumery, from quality control of the raw materials to the packaging of the finished products.


Grasse, a town on the southern Côte d'Azur, is our birthplace... Every fragrance we create, every piece of clothing we design, every product we imagine is a tribute to Provence.

Our passion for this region is reflected in every detail, from the colours and patterns to the scents. At Fragonard, Provence is a never-ending source of inspiration for our creations. Passionate about art and history and proud of their Provençal culture, we have drawn on Hélène Costa's collection of Provençal costumes to decorate the presentation packaging of our perfumes.

One of the finest private collections of 18th and 19th century Provençal clothing and jewellery, preserved and displayed in an 18th-century mansion in Grasse, now the Musée Provençal du Costume et du Bijou. Our fragrances are a tribute to the elegance of Provençal women.


Fragonard is a story where history and sustainability come together.

A perfumery dedicated to offering high-quality fragrance products at affordable prices. The fragrances are made from 100% natural wheat alcohol, and natural raw materials are favoured for the composition of the concentrates.

This family business is committed to manufacturing in a way that respects the environment and people. A day-to-day commitment focused on the 'made in France' concept, recycling, refills, eco-friendly packaging, sustainable infrastructures... But above all on the short distribution channel, because Fragonard has always made and sold its products directly to its customers!


During the Second World War, the shortage of glass forced
our company to turn to other containers.

This is how the golden aluminium canister, in which the Fragonard's iconic perfumes are packaged, came into being. It has become Fragonard's original trademark, protecting the fragrance from light and lengthening its lifespan.

For a unique and authentic olfactory experience, we've chosen to present our finest perfumes in these iconic bottles, lovingly crafted in Grasse.


Buying from us also means donating to orphanages and charities,
for a wonderful gesture of solidarity!

Fragonard provides regular support to officially recognised charities, as well as helping with private initiatives. We have been supporting an orphanage in India for several years, the French NGO called EliseCare, and other hard-working charities in the South of France.


Jean-François Costa was a great art lover who brought together his collections of objects linked to the history of perfumery in the early 1960s to create the first Musée du Parfum in Grasse in 1975.

Jean-François Costa also opened a second museum in Paris, in the Opéra Garnier area, in 1984.

This initiative contributed to Fragonard's already flourishing business, while also adding a cultural dimension that has since been enriched by the Musée Provençal du Costume et du Bijou in 1997, the Musée Jean-Honoré Fragonard in Grasse, inaugurated in 2011, and a second Perfume Museum in Paris, covering almost 2,000 m2, which opened in 2015.


At Fragonard, the history of perfume comes to life like nowhere else!

We love and cherish the raw materials that bring our creations to life. From the May rose to the mysterious oud wood, each note is an essential piece of the puzzle in the composition of our fragrances. We advocate the responsible use of these treasures, preserving their natural essence so that they may continue to inspire us.

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